Valentines 2018

valentines 2018

Another special occasion is soon to be here. If running around town to finish up your Christmas list wasn’t enough, now it’s time find a Valentines gift. Some of you fellows and ladies out there, I feel for you. I’ve been married for 13yrs and the gift buying only gets harder. But you can always count on diamonds, treats, smell goods and new technology. Those are definitely an easy “go to” category. Do something new and unique this year.  Check out Valentines 2018 to help you get started on your perfect gift search.


fisher space pen

Fisher Space Pen

Would you want to own a piece that was modeled from what every kid growing up wanted to be, an Astronaut? Well, you can! The Fisher Space Pen not only writes like a dream, its dependable, writes in any position, up, down, and all around. Did I mention underwater, over grease, and in any environment (even zero gravity}.  Check It Out


zales unstoppable love

Zales Unstoppable Love

 There’s no better way to show your love,but with a beautiful piece from Zales Unstoppable Love™ Collection. The rose gold-plated open heart wrapped around a sterling silver infinity symbol with a white sapphire nestled ever so gently within gives the feeling of security and warmth.  So ever time your special someone looks down, she is reminded that she is loved. Check It Out


papagayo skinny knife

Papagayo Skinny Knife

The perfect gift for a EDC enthusiast.  The single 420 stainless steel blade is titanium-coated and fixed in a sleek, minimal handle crafted from Zebrano wood. The Papagayo Skinny Knife weighs almost nothing, a hefty 1.6 ounces. So you can strap it on and forget it. It’s ready to be used when you need it. Check It Out


one question a day for you and me

One Question A Day for You and Me

 A fun and unique gift idea is the One Question a Day for You and Me. You and yours answer a question every day for the next 3 years. It will be something that you can look back on and see how your answers change over time. A journal of questions and answers that you can be cherished for a lifetime. Check It Out

Biolite Pizza Dome Oven

Biolite Pizza Dome Oven

OK! Lets be real. This bad boy would make anyone happy on any occasion. So why not make it a Valentines gift?
Every loves pizza and if you don’t, well you can make something else. But I know you’ll want this. The Pizza Dome Oven by Biolite cooks pizza, flatbreads, and whatever your appetite desires. The dome’s integrated thermometer monitors temps while the food safe ceramic stone keeps foods crisp and evenly cooked. Give the gift that will give back. Check It Out

bamboo wood greeting card

Bamboo Wood Greeting Card

If you really want get something that will last. Try the Bamboo Wood Greeting card. Yes, I said wood. This gem has lasered red luscious lips with XOXO on the front and a white inside for writing a message that’s worth remembering. This card wont be tossed in a drawer or found the trash when Valentines is over.  So show off your writing skills and write a love note that will make that someone feel special. Check It Out

Wanderings Leather Pocket Journal

Wanderings Leather Pocket Journal

Does your better half have a knack for writing, drawing or just jonting down things on paper? Then the Leather Pocket Journal is what they need. A journal that’s small enough to be carried on a daily basis and within reach when the time comes to drain your mind. Weather your making notes for a recipe, drawing landscapes at the park, spilling your thoughts from a wild adventure or just making a journal of your daily life, this beautiful leather notebook can fulfill all that and more. Check It Out


leilalove macarons lady in the pink

Leilalove Macarons “Lady in The Pink”

Last and certainly not the least. Instead of chocolates this year, you should be creative and try Leilalove MacaronsLady In the Pink“. A delectable French treat that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Its delicious, thoughtful and will show that you thought they are more worthy than a box of chocolates. They are worth the pleasure of irresistible satisfaction and temptation. One bite and your hooked. Valentines will never be the same. Check It Out