Gifts for Her

gifts for her

Its that time of year again and you’re still stumped on what gift to get your girl, mom, wife, or daughter. Let me make it easy for you and help you out a little this season with my list of Gifts for Her. I’ve done the research and searched the web for what the perfect gift would be for that special female. I’ve found the hottest wants and some of the most eye turning gifts that will have any girl smiling with happiness. This will get you pointed in the right direction and have that special someone wondering  how you knew them so well.


Momento Floral Chronograph Fendi

Fendi Momento Floral Chronograph

Let’s go ahead and say your “The Man”.  The elegance and beauty of the Fendi Floral Chronograph watch will show true fashion and taste at its best. A timepiece that will never age as years past. A gift that she can look at and be reminded each day by its Sapphire crystal face, that she is loved. Get It


Breakfast Club T-shirt

Breakfast Club T-Shirt

For all the 80 kids out there, this is one of many memorable movies to represent. The  Breakfast Club T-Shirt may show off your age , but it also shows off your great taste for films. Excellent gift that can be worn over and over again. Get It


google home mini

Google Home Mini

In the age of modern technology, why not get all the extra help you can. The Google Home Mini is your mini assistant. Need help remembering a date or adding something to your grocery list?  This joker does it all.  This is a great device that is easy to use and helps keep you from going insane with everyday schedules and chores.  Free up your mind and google it. Get It


herbivore coco rose lip tint

Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Tint

All natural , non-toxic and vitamin enriched is a perfect combination when it comes to your skin products.  Herbivores Rose lip tint will bring a life back into your lips while conditioning and popping out a inviting rosy coral tint without overdoing it. Every lady deserves a stare, why not make you lips the starting point. Get It



coutgo joggers

Coutgo Drawstring Joggers

Get relaxed and feel comfy in a pair of drawstring joggers. Great for a lounging day, gym attire, and even a cool day at the beach. You don’t have dress to impress everyday.  Give a gift of relaxation and leave the rest of the day for what may come. Don’t be surprised if you start having  joggers waiting by the door after work everyday. Get It



chup socks

CHUP socks

Slip on a pair of the best socks you’ll ever wear.  Handcrafted in the town of Sendagi, Tokyo. Only small batches are completed due to the timeless work put in  and the design pattern is inspired with historical tribal art in mind. Made to fit snug until after a few wears, then the sock takes shape to your foot.   Get It


polaroid snap

Polaroid Snap


Capture the moments Snap. Print, or Share.  The Snap allows you print shoots on the go or wait and upload those moments at a later time. The minimalist camera packs big features and easy to use. Great gift for those that like to capture the fun time while out with your friends. Get It


globe bannerstone bamboo longboard

Globe Bannerstone Bamboo Longboard

For the girl that loves board riding and riding up and down the coast. The Globe Bannerstone Bamboo longboard would be perfect for a the lifestyle of a commuter to the adventurous downhill border.  The gift that keeps you rollin.  Get It