Best Solid Cologne

Best Solid Cologne

The days of dousing your clothes with spray cologne are a thing of the past. The new and improved method is solid cologne. Although this method has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, you  know what they say, what comes around goes around. It’s now found its way back around and it’s better than before.  The unique blends of the world’s  most wonderful scents picked by the creators to make a cocktail that will leave a lasting tone. Solid cologne innovators  like Bawston & Tucker, Duke Cannon, Fulton & Roark, and Juniper Ridge have spent hours  mastering the scents that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  I’ve taken the pleasure to put together a compilation of the Best Solid Colognes with the most invigorating smells from coast to coast.

So why choose solid over liquid? First of all, no one wants to carry around a bottle of cologne throughout the day.  Spray cologne can be overpowering and  being able to smell you before you walk into a room is no bueno. But with solid cologne you are able to apply wherever and whenever. They are made compact for easy carry and travel. No TSA cavity searches, no bottles of liquid , and no strong tones setting off alarms when you step into a room.

Bawston and Tucker Motega

Bawston & Tucker Motega Solid Cologne

Bawston & Tucker’s  Motega solid cologne is named after the Native American word meaning “new arrow” and was the name given to baby boys at birth. Once you apply Motega your body’s natural heat with release the essence of Mandarin, Black Pepper, Cardamon, and other spices with a smooth undertone of leather and sandalwood leaving you with a subtle yet manly scent and feeling like a new man. Each solid cologne is made with a balance of sweet almond oil, beeswax, shea butter and fragrance then  poured into its own travel tin for easy carrying  from your pocket or bag  and  great for traveling. So before you think about soaking your shirt with a spray, grab yourself some Motega and transform into  a “new arrow”. USE PROMO CODE “UNWIND” TO RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR PURCHASE – Get It

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne Land_Air_Sea

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

If you know about Duke Cannon, then you know that no man gets left behind. Duke Cannon is a man of all men and when it comes to solid cologne you’re going to want them all. Land, Sea, and Air are the colognes that make up the trifecta of Duke Cannons solid cologne.

LAND– Imagine yourself in the National Parks of the Northwest and that’s how you’ll smell after applying Land. After a little swirl of your fingertip the smells of Redwood, amber, rosemary and other herbs will take you to the trails. The aromatic smells of outdoors and sweet herbal essence is sure to keep you smelling like a man.Get It

SEA– The smell of sweet citrus and light crisp air will have you energized and ready to conquer the seas. Get It

AIR– The open skies of freshness. A slight scent of juniper and an overall smell of a fresh breeze will leave you feeling clean and enlightened all day. Get It

Fulton and Roark ltd reserve

Fulton & Roark LTD Reserve Captiva Solid Cologne

Fulton & Roark LTD Reserve is the relaxing essence of the Southwestern Florida Island Captiva. The aroma notes of bergamot, citron and fresh green leaves will give you a sweet yet masculine scent to your day. The gentlemen’s choice with a hint of passion. Get It

Bawston and Tucker Aroostook

Bawston & Tucker Aroostook Solid Cologne

Bawston & Tucker will send you back to the days spent on the river bank with its Aroostook solid cologne. The invigorating notes of bergamot, neroli, tangerine, rosemary, jasmine, persimmon, and patchouli will leave you in a place of earthly peace and freedom. USE PROMO CODE “UNWIND” TO RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR PURCHASE-   Get It

juniper ridge siskiyou

Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Trail Resin Cologne

For all the lovers of the outdoors. Juniper Ridge has mixed a batch of the backwoods. Siskiyou releases the smells of California’s coastal mountains. The notes of plants, soil, bark, wildflowers and moss will give a dark spicy aroma to your day. Be one with nature. Get It

Ulio and Jack Aviator

Ulio & Jack Aviator Solid Cologne

The woodsy sweet mix of patchouli and the backcountry is an all around classic man’s essence from Ulio & Jacks solid cologne collection. A crowd pleasure that emits an attitude of accomplishment with a pinch of a wildside. Other notes that are subtle yet noticeable are bergamot, neroli, tangerine, jasmine and persimmon. Get it