13 Best Tactical Wallets

13 best tactical wallets

Listen up!! The secret is out. Everybody everywhere is dropping those bulky, unorganized, receipt-filing tri-fold wallets and switching over to a much more functional wallet. Less is best.  No more bulging back pockets and aggravating back pain. While times change, so do the trends .

You have your bi-fold wallets, tri-fold wallets, and the holds-a-lot wallets, but sometimes you just need simple with functionality. A wallet that allows you to carry just the essentials with a little added dose of surprise. That’s where Tactical wallets come into play. Tactical wallets are made from the world’s finest materials like leather, aluminum, titanium, copper, and stainless steel. So to help you keep up with the ever changing fads I have strategically compiled the 13 Best Tactical Wallets.

Why Tactical and not Traditional ? Why not Tactical is what you should be asking. Tactical wallets give a sense of readiness, security and manliness without losing the sense of style and functionality. When’s the last time you opened a cold beer with your wallet or was able to slide your tri-fold in your front pocket with ease? That’s why Tactical is better. Minimal size yet functionally dependable.

dango tactical wallet + multi-tool

Dango Tactical Wallet 

The Dango Tactical Wallet was designed to fulfill the adventurous side of life while keeping your personables secure and multi-tool handy. You get over 14 functions out of your tool which is resting perfectly beside your credit cards within the wallet . When your multi-tool is deployed it simply slides out and locks into the wallets aluminum chassis. When you’re not needing to cut a rope, saw a branch or leave a dent on someone’s forehead you be will equipped with one of the most durable and functional tactical wallets ever built. For added peace of mind  you have a silicone band that wraps around the wallet to keep your contents held ever so nice and tight. Dango Products really thought of everything the everyday carrier would want and need in a minimalist tactical wallet. Dango Tactical Wallet is available in two styles, Jet Black Leather and Brown Rawhide leather. Get It


Huskk Minimalist Slim Wallet 

If you’re someone who doesn’t care much for having a slim wallet made from hard materials then the HUSKK Minimalist Slim Wallet is going to be your wallet of choice. The mix of elastic and nylon gives this wallet its strength and durability. It holds up to 5 cards comfortably along with a small built-in pocket to hide away a small blade, spare key, coins, or bills. The simple pull strap design makes your cards easily accessible. The best part is that the Huskk slim wallet fits perfectly in your front or back pocket eliminating the bulge from traditional wallets. The style of the wallet easily marries up with your tactical EDC gear while suiting up for a night out on the town. Get It


Hitch and Timber Card Caddy and Wallet

If you have a beard, a plaid shirt and pair of worn out work boots I would expect to see you carrying the Card Caddy and Wallet designed by Hitch and Timber. Its rugged, strong and wears better with age. The craftsmanship alone makes this wallet a conversation piece. Each wallet is made to order and handcrafted with 4 oz American tanned Horween leather. The front side features a pen pocket and knife holder stitched over a 1-6 card holder and the backside pocket is for deniros. The H&T wallet is definitely made for those with a unique taste for style wanting the feel of the modern day woodsman. Get It

Recycled Firefighter The Sergeant vinyl wallet

Recycled Firefighter “The Sergeant” Vinyl Wallet

If the “Sergeant” wallet by Recycled Firefighter doesn’t scream history, I don’t know what to tell you. Each wallet gives you a bit of Firehouse tradition right in your pocket. Made from scraps of vinyl from decommissioned Fol-Da-Tanks and other vinyl materials that have seen the tactical moments of a fire scene. It holds up to 6 cards, water-resistant, slim, durable and fits in your pocket without hassle. If you want a cool conversation starter with the guys at the firehouse or out at your local hole in the wall, then you shouldn’t waste anytime grabbing The Sergeant.  Get It

Billetus Carbon Fiber Money Clip and Wallet

Billetus Carbon Fiber Money Clip and Wallet

The Billetus Carbon Fiber Money Clip and Wallet is great for those who love the look of sleek, modern and minimal. When I look at this wallet it makes me think of car guys. The carbon fiber clip and jet black removable wallet gives off that clean imported speed racer look. The “whats under the hood” vibe is what you will be putting off with this wallet. But don’t worry, once they see the bills tucked under the clip, it will speak for itself. The Billetus wallet features RFID blocking, holds up to 10 cards, multiple bills and you get the added bottle opener card with hex head slots for the tactical ready feel.  Get It

Crabby Wallet V2 Elastic

Crabby Wallet V2 Elastic

The Crabby V2 Elastic wallet is the most tactical wallet by Crabby Gear to date. Pack your bags and get ready for a day at the beach with your V2. You’re only going to need the necessities with this wallet. Its elastic body and vertical band will hold your phone, cards and cash with no worries. The lobster claw keychain is there to hold any key and tuck it away securely under the band. Available in a variety of colors and ready to be carried on your next outing. Get It

Spine Titanium wallet and bottle opener

Spine Titanium Wallet and Bottle Opener

I have finally found the perfect front pocket wallet that makes carrying your cash and cards easy while popping bottles on your favorite beer. The Spine Titanium wallet and bottle opener by Barclay and Co. is constructed from grade 5 titanium making it as strong as steel but without the weight. It’s the thinnest front pocket wallet out there and still gives you the tactical abilities and purpose needed in a minimalist wallet. Make your life easier and keep it simple with the Spine Wallet. Get It

Trayvax element wallet

Trayvax Element Wallet

Trayvax Element is rugged, minimalist, RFID resistant and ready to handle anything you can throw at it. Underneath it’s tough exterior hides the keeper of your identity. A cash clip and card holder all packed into a small package covered by a leather shield. The Element isn’t just for outdoor adventures, it also looks good in a pair of slacks. You can never go wrong when you know you are carrying a name known for quality and dependability. Get It


SolidDesign SLIM machined Wallet

The SLIM wallet was designed for the modern classic man looking for functionality and style. The sleek matte black aluminum finish and elastic band will have any gentleman feeling confident knowing he made the right choice. Holding 6 cards with RFID for added peace of mind while venturing out to wherever the day may take you. Easily fits in any pocket with its minimal size body and tactically designed construction to make card accessibility quick and hassle free. Great addition to EDC enthusiasts searching for quality and style without losing overall purpose. Get It

trayvax axis wallet

Trayvax Axis Wallet

Well Trayvax has made the list again with their AXIS wallet. Similar to the Trayvax Element, but having a more modern tactical feel and appearance. The AXIS features a hinge design revealing the money clip, coin/key holder and adjustable card carrier. Held securely together with its mil-spec nylon paracord and webbing. This joker is built to last and would definitely give a sense of completion to today’s EDC. If you’ve been on the hunt for something to replace that old cluttered wallet, then I would recommend the Trayvax Axis. Get It


Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet

The ultra-light, grade 5 titanium Ti5 Slim wallet from Machine Era Co. will leave you worry free while keeping your cards and cash securely in place. Its modern look and strong construction makes the Ti5 Slim wallet a must for your tactical EDC. Don’t sell yourself short by continuing to carry that old bulky wallet, treat yourself to a more minimal lifestyle. Get organized and relieve your backside from the stress. Get It


The Ridge Wallet 

The Ridge Wallet was created for greatness. Its built like a machine and by “machine” I mean durable and by “durable” I mean good luck trying to destroy this wallet. You can bet that you’re not losing anything that goes in and nothing is coming out without your say so. Its slim, minimalist, sleek, and tactically functionable for all walks of life. Your cards are sandwiched between two aluminum plates that adjust with a twist of a few screws (screwdriver included). The elastic band is for slipping in your bills for those who like carrying cash. You also a money clip option if elastic isn’t your thing. Ridge Wallet is available in aluminum, titanium, polycarbonate and carbon fiber. Get It

Brew Clip wallet and bottle opener

Brew Clip Wallet + Bottle Opener

The Brew Clip truly serves one purpose and one purpose only. To have the avid drinker brewtactically ready. Yes, I just made brewtactically up, but it fits. When you know the day is going to consist of popping bottles and having fun you’re only going to need money and ID. Of course you can use it on a daily basis, but when the name Brew is engraved on your wallet why would you deprive it from the sole purpose it was created. Light weight, stainless steel, and slim enough fit in your front pocket. So if you’re outings always end up with you digging through receipts to find a dollar or your credit card, then do yourself a favor and leave that wallet at home and load up your Brew Clip. No one wants to wait on Trevor while he’s rummaging through his wallet, Don’t be a Trevor. Get It

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