SVORN Chrome Noir EDC Collection

Alloy EDC Collection

The SVORN Chrome Noir EDC Collection is comprised of  SVORNs finest everyday carry. SVORN has created a sophisticated collection of lightweight edc with a beautiful chrome noir coating. Their Fenrir Pendant shows a sense of power with its beastly zinc alloy fang figure. Like most fang symbols, this one was designed a bit larger to give a dominance feel without being too overpowering and keeping it fashionable. The MAKT money clip is made of brass and finished with the elegant chrome noir giving it the dark hue appearance. The MAKT money clip will eliminate the bulk of ordinary wallets. Not only can it hold 25 bills, its modern and eye catching look with definitely draw attention to a crowd. Lastly, SVORNs  Arcus Carabiner is a zinc alloy keychain that is lightweight and extremely durable. It easily clips to your belt loop or can slide comfortably into your pocket without adding a pocket bulge. The Chrome Noir EDC Collection was created to give those who live a life of luxury or at least make you feel as tho you do. If attention is what is wanting, then this collection is sure to get it. Get It