Moonshine MFG Hooch Complete Longboard

moonshine hooch

Warmer weather is coming and the boards will be out full blast. If you’re looking for a board that serves more than one function on the road you gotta go with Moonshine MFG Hooch. The Hooch is the multi-function longboard for you freeriders and downhill thrill seekers. This beauty has a deep concave, a smooth cut wheel flare, refined rocker, multiple wheelbase options, and maximum grip to keep you grounded. Did I mention that it’s also ultra lightweight and waterproof!!

The Moonshine MFG guys knew exactly what they had when they designed The Moonshine Hooch  at “The Distillery” in North Bonneville, Washington. Not only are you paying for a board made with such precision, Moonshine MFG offers a 30 day performance guarantee. If you don’t like your board you can exchange it for another style. Of course some rules do apply. What are you waiting on ? Go check it out! Moonshine Hooch Complete $309

With Moonshine MFG you get:
• Waterproof deck sealed from the elements
• Light, strong vertically laminated wood construction
• Handbuilt in the USA, by skaters
• No delam, no warping, no twisting
• No bullshit
• Impact resistant urethane rails- fear no curb
• Precision machined truck mounts
• Exclusive 30-day performance guarantee

Welcome to The Moonshine Family: Max Watson from Moonshine Mfg. on Vimeo.