Gentlemen’s EDC Collection

gentlemens edc collection

Just because you dress to the nines doesn’t mean you can’t be ready when things get out of hand. Let me walk you through the Gentlemen’s EDC Collection and show you just how easy you can turn your finest look into a tactical ready boss with minimal accessories. Throw on your wool blend Telegraph suit by Taylor Stitch with a Glacier shirt by Hugh and Crye for starters. Then slip on a pair of Emilio Chukka boots by Nisolo to make your suit pop while keeping your feet comfortable all day long. Now move on to the your accessories. I like to keep things simple yet effective. The Tactical + Multi Tool wallet by Dango Products is perfect and minimal. The Dango Tactical wallet is loaded with 14 multiple functions not counting your basic wallet items. Next strap on your Paipo timepiece by Aulta. A simple watch thought up by three surfers and built to last a long day on the beach to a night out in the business district without second thought. Last but not the least, your keys. Huckberry’s Compact EDC Kit allows you to hold up to two-three keys combined with the already installed multi-tools sandwiched in the Keysmart Chassis. You can never over do it with your EDC, because you never know when your going to need it. Now that you’re ready, go be somebody.

Telegraph Jacket- $222.98

Telegraph Trousers- $142.98

Glacier Shirt- $72.98

Emilio Chukka Boot- $149.98

Tactical Wallet + Multi-Tool- $79.98

Paipo Watch- $95

Compact EDC Kit- $60