5 Gift Ideas for Active Kids

Christmas ornament

Are you stumped on what gifts to get your kids this year? Do you want to get your kids off the couch and out the door? Here are the top 5 gifts for those active kids of all ages that want to add extreme fun to their Christmas List.

Zip Line
Zip Linetop 5 Christmas gifts for kids

1. Zip Line kit -Outdoor fun has just gotten even more fun. These zip line kits can hold up to 250lbs and extend up to 95’long. You can have this thing set up in 30 minutes and by that time every kid in the neighborhood is standing in line for a turn. Starting at $55

Swurfer Swing
Swurfertop 5 Christmas gifts for kids

2. Swurfer – All kids love to swing, its a known fact. I’ve spent countless hours pushing my kids on the swing at home and at the park. These guys weren’t playing around when they thought of this swing. Not only can you just swing , you can stand on the 33″x 10″ curved maple board and ride the air. Its holds up to 250lbs and that means after you finally convince your kids its time to go inside, you can have a turn. Not only is it a must have for backyard fun, it helps with core balance and strengthens leg and arm muscles. Now you’re not just the coolest parents on the block, you’re introducing good health with hours of fun. .$129.99

Spooner Boards
Spooner BoardsTop 5 Christmas gifts

3. Spooner Boards– The Spooner is a no brainer for the eager boarders to be. You can use this board inside or outside, while gaming or just watching the tube. The Spooner Boards help with balance, coordination, and core strength without the worry of falling and getting injured. The contoured board allows you to master those skills needed to show off your killer boarding tricks. Check it out $45

trike bikes
Drift TrikeTop 5 best kids Christmas gifts

4.Drift Trike – The days of riding a big wheel through the neighborhood are making a come back. But now its back with the trickster in mind. Drift Trikes are equipped with a rubber front tire and rear slicks for drifting on the asphalt and knocking out killer spins. Your kid will soon be the envy of the neighborhood. Starting at $100

Body Bumper
Body BumperTop 5 kids christmas gifts

5. Inflatable Body Bumper– Finally, no more boring weekends. Your going to want to call your kids friends over for this one. Slide into a body bumper and you can make tag, soccer, football and any activity way more interesting. Not only will the kids love bouncing around the yard and rolling down hills, it will entertain the masses. Sit back and watch your kids enjoy the outdoors for hours. Starting as low as $29

Brandon Cruse